Project isn’t a fun… Says who? – #3 – Ball park estimate gone too wrong!

Having a thorough Project Budget is key to delivering project success. By definition: A Ball park estimate is a roughly accurate estimate, or an educated guess. Coming from baseball, this expression rests in turn on in the ballpark, meaning within certain limits. Let’s learn more about Budget estimation techniques, but with a twist 😉😃

Project isn’t a fun… Says who? – #3 – Ball park estimate gone too wrong!

मेरी माॅं


माता भी है, पिता भी यही है और मेरी पहली सखा भी यही है
माॅं के जैसे दुलारा इसने, पिता की तरह लताड़ा भी इसने 😃
जीतने पर सराहा इसने, मेरी हर चोट पर कराहा इसने
पग पग पर अनुशासित कर के, मेरे जीवन को संवारा इसने

वक़्त मुश्किल था, राह कठिन थी
पर माॅं मेरी भी अंगद सी अडिग थी
अपने सपनों को मुझमें संजोया है इसने
मुझे बनाने में खुद को खोया है इसने

आज मैं जो भी बन पाया हूं,
ऐ माॅं में तेरा ही सर्माया हूं
जब भी किसी मुश्किल से मैं टकराया हूं,
अंतर्मन में हमेशा माॅं-माॅं ही जपता आया हूं

तुझे खुश रखने की हर पल कोशिश करता हूं,
तुझे हसाने के लिए थोड़ा तुझसे लड़ भी लेता हूं 😃
वचन है मेरा तेरे आशीर्वाद का मान रखूंगा,
नित दिन सद्कर्म की नई चोटी चढ़ूंगा 🙏🏼


Co-creators or Puppets?

A very strong quote very relevant to present times…

“We are co-creators with God, not puppets on a string waiting for something to happen.” – Leo Booth

While we humans had the power to nurture and enhance the blessings received from mother nature, we ended up becoming greedy and thus exploiting them blindly.

A classic example would be the Hen and golden egg story where the man killed the hen itself in greed to get all the eggs in a single day.

Only if he would have fed the hen (or would have opened a poultry, pun intended ) the balance would have remained.

The underlining thing from the quote above is that the hope is still no lost, WE should understand the power and responsibilities we have and come out WISER and STRONGER from these testing times!!!

Distance could never do them apart!!!

Today was special. As such, every day she would wait for his video calls very eagerly but today all the finer lines of her make-up were in place, her face was glowing. It was their Wedding Anniversary, and she was dying to see his face…

Something was eating her from inside at the same time. Their married life was a joyride until on day destiny decided to move them apart, physically. As their careers would have their say, he had to travel to another state for his work. Work would not permit him travelling him very frequently and these calls were the only mean where they would feel each other’s presence. He had told her that there were some really important meetings lined up and that he won’t be able to come home to celebrate their anniversary. While she tried to look as happy as possible, she was flushed with sadness.

She was wearing the red dress he gifted her on the last anniversary and hung on to the phone waiting for his call. Then the telephone rang and she picked up the call with her trembling hands. He seemed to be at a different place than his routine place. They discussed everything, wished each other and then the call ended. She was excitedly waiting for him to complement her, but he didn’t.

Sadness grew onto her. Why didn’t he noticed me? Perhaps he overlooked completely. I know he misses me too much but then why didn’t he mention that today. May be he’s too busy with his work. He did mention that there are some important meetings!

While she was thinking all this, she noticed a notification in her phone. It was his message.

Happy Anniversary, love! You looked beautiful today. I know you wanted me to say many things which I didn’t. I know that you always have a complaint that I never compliment you. I want to tell you girl, you are the most special thing happened that has to me and words fail to describe how I feel about you.

While I am away, you have been the backbone of our family. You have outdone yourself, taken up responsibilities which you never had to in the past and held our family together strongly and affectionately.

It’s hard to stay so far from you all and I can’t state how painful it is for me. Be sure, I’ll make it all good very soon. I love you and miss you tremendously.

AND YES, please open the door. I have been waiting here for some time now!!

A chill went through her body. Tears of joy rolled on to her cheek and she started running madly towards the door just to find him waiting patiently at the door with a big grin on his face.

She cried heavily and hugged him tight.

He looked into her eyes and said, “Whatever be the situation, distance can never do us apart”!!!

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That I should write more often…

There’s a calling in my heart

That I should write more often

My heart bleeds in agony, with the blows of destiny

My body shivers, with the fear of failures

My nights are sleepless, with the misery of helplessness

My shoulders are sore, with the loads of responsibility

I want to lay down, it will be more comforting

All these feeling lay down there, deep rooted in my heart

Waiting for them to be penned down, explode with a roar

I know that this is what relieves me of all the sufferings

Writing is what spurs the way to my recovery

Writing is where I talk to myself

Galvanizing my self-belief, that I have what it takes to be the Greatest

There’s a calling in my heart

That I should write more often….. I should write more often!!!!


एक था बरगद बड़ा, मेरे आँगन में खडा

Last week my grandfather passed away… It’s a tribute to my beloved Anna…

अण्णांसाठी काही ओळी 🙏🏻

एक था बरगद बड़ा, मेरे आँगन में खडा

तपती धूप और आंधियो से था वो ज़िन्दगी भर लड़ा
प्राणवायु देता था वो सबको, हृदय हिमालय से बड़ा

जिसकी डाली पे थे झुले, हमने झूले जी भर के
जिसकी छय्या में थे पनपे, वो कुछ पौधे निडर से

जीवन के नब्बे बसंत, प्रण-प्रतिज्ञा पे अडा
अब चला है ना रुकने को, परिवार का वो सबसे बड़ा

एक था बरगद बड़ा, मेरे आँगन में खडा


~ सौरभ

फुर्सते महंगी होने लगी है…

फुर्सते महंगी होने लगी है…..!
ज़िंदगी की भागदौड़ में, खुशियों की तंगी होने लगी है
फुर्सते महंगी होने लगी है…..
कहाँ गया वो बचपन का, माँ की गोद में सोना
ना रहा वो लड़कपन में ,चोट लगने पे रोना
क़िताबों के ढेर पर , जमा धुल होने लगी है
चाय की चुस्की और अखबार की जुगलबंदी, ना जाने कहाँ खोने लगी है
फुर्सते महंगी होने लगी है…..
वक़्त है पर वक़्त नहीं, ये क्या मायाजाल है ?
रुपये कमाने की आपाधापी में, हर किसी का यही हाल है
ढूँढता हूँ उन लम्हों को, जिनमें मैं कुछ न किया करता था
रात को छत पर लेटे हुए, तारे गिन लिया करता था
ये तारा मेरा-वो तारा तेरा, ऐसी बातें कम होने लगी है
फुर्सते महंगी होने लगी है…..
क्या फ़ायदा उस फुर्सत का, जिसके खत्म होने का डर सा लगे
इतवार की हर शाम ढलते-ढलते, सीने में कुछ दर्द सा लगे
कर लू कितनी भी कमाई, सुकून की पूँजी कम होने लगी है
कुछ बनने की होड़ में खुद को खो कर, मेरी आँखे नम होने लगी है
अपनों के साथ में हसी-मस्ती, असल नहीं अब भ्रम होने लगी है
फुर्सते महंगी होने लगी है…..
आओ चलो फिर से हम, अपना कल कमाने चले
हस सके फिर खुल के जिनमें, वो पल कमाने चले
अंग्रेजी रट-रट के, दुनिया फिरंगी होने लगी है
हम जैसे गरीबों के लिए, अब फुर्सते महंगी होने लगी है
फुर्सते महंगी होने लगी है……



The Era of Social Media Incendiary


Another vulnerable daughter of India has been raped & brutally killed by some inhuman scoundrels!

 Once again we have failed the purest form of God’s creation. As a civilization, we have failed our mothers, our sisters, our wives.

I feel utterly gutted about it. I am of a firm belief that NOTHING LESS THAN DEATH should be the penalty for such heinous crime. You killed her soul before her body!

But this is not what makes me write this piece. I write this because of the way everybody is trying to use this death of a poor child for their own good. As they say in Hindi, अपना उल्लू सीधा करना

 What interests some people more is that a person of a ‘particular community’ has raped a girl of a ‘particular community’. People are trying to communalise this grave situation for their own social, political & even economical interests.

And I feel totally impuissant seeing all this.

We as individuals & as a society have become very shallow, very superficial. The day another such unfortunate tragedy strikes, we are filled with rage once again. All of a sudden everybody starts taking about HUMANITY, JUSTICE, WOMEN SAFETY and what not. Social media is filled with messages condemning the act. News channels go all out to use this opportunity to lift their TRPs. Few days on & then everybody forgets about it. After the cream is churned out, the issue is left unattended without assessing & addressing the root cause.

Isn’t it easy to type a few words in your expensive smartphone in an air conditioned room sitting in the comfort of a sofa rather than doing something about it. People tweet for the sake of tweeting. All the pain, all the agony goes away in a flash after the tweet / status is posted & few likes / retweets are received. 

What worries me more is that it is now becoming a pattern. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Murthal, Kathua, Unnao we have seen it time & again.

We people will come out for “peaceful” protests in the name of dignity of a certain queen or in the name of religious beliefs regarding divorce or against a just ruling of the Supreme Court in order to control wrong use of an age-old act. But we will not set aside our ancient credence to uplift the lives of our daughters.

I would be honest in my opinion that only few out of the host of celebrities / Politicians who express their angst, their pain, their concerns for humanity on social media platforms, do really care about the matter. They use it only for their own good, as a medium of PR.

Seeing all this, my otherwise rational mind sometimes just goes completely insensate to all the arguments & counter-arguments causing a stir on the social media. It pains me seeing that nobody really cares. Everybody is wearing their own masks. They are just different faces with same malicious intents.

So, in my opinion all the hullaballoo, outcry on the social media is majorly all fake & superficial. Typing & transmitting few words in the universe frees us from all the guilt of being a society of headless chickens.

But that is how the world runs, isn’t it. Just see the platform I am using to express my thoughts today; SOCIAL MEDIA. What an IRONY!!!

This is after all an era of Social media incendiary…..

But I try not stop here. Apart for enjoying all my constitutional rights as a citizen of India, I understand that I have some duties to fulfill too. I have a responsibility to prevent the fall of my society, my nation & my civilization to such a lower level that no restoration is possible.

Let’s accept the power of social media, embrace it, and use it to express our thoughts, to spread positivity. Let’s also take a pledge to discourage its use as a medium to spread hatred, pessimism & negativity. Let’s not stop after a tweet to free our soul but do something how insignificant it may sound to make the world a better place.

Why not take these steps & lead by example instead of pointing fingers at others. A country is indeed as good as its citizens.

  1. Start from your home. Inculcate values in your children. Teach them to respect women.
  2. Stop swearing in the name of mothers’ & sisters’.
  3. Never let your religious beliefs overshadow your love for the country.
  4. Stop lusting & talking indecent things about your female colleagues.
  5. If somebody is disrespecting or doing disgraceful gestures to women in front of you, do not just stand & watch with folded hands. ACT!

Let’s contribute in making a society where a woman feels as safe on the streets as she feels in her home.



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